School Sports Trip
by Dan Noyes

Sports are perhaps, the best way for students to experience and mingle with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Although parents are as enthusiastic as their wards, it is a serious organizational problem for the school.

Taking children on school sports trip is a responsible business and no one wants to take a chance, what with a whole lot of people involved. It follows, that only an experienced professional tour managing company can efficiently carry out the co-ordination and impart expert advices to avoid disappointments and dangers. The Travel Team, Inc. which is listed as the 18th largest travel management company in the United States by Business Travel News can now ease this task for you and make your sports trip a successful one.

The Travel Team, Inc. helps you with destination information, bookings and experienced staff for all your inbound and outbound school sports tours. We have an excellent network within the US and worldwide. Each sports trip will be tailored to meet your requirement of sporting, budget and leisure. All the important details such as flights, accommodation, transfers, fixtures and cultural visits etc.

will be taken care of. If you want sightseeing and excursions to be included in your itinerary, we can book tickets and make all arrangements for you. We use the most advanced equipment and software technology for our networking and co-ordination. We also get you the best deals from the web and other sources, thereby saving you money.

Every detail is checked so that you can travel confidently. Personal connections of our escorts in various destinations provide invaluable help and guidance. We offer relevant advice and information on location, regulations, processes, group insurance, foreign exchange, visas etc. We also help you in your budget management at new and unfamiliar destinations. The anxiety of parents is understandable and hence we also liaise with parents and keep them updated about the group movements.

The Travel Team, Inc. has the necessary infrastructure, experience, expertise and trained staff to give you the best program, based on your needs. Since we adhere to rigid quality control and service standards, parents and school administrators can now be tension free. Very few tour mangers can offer our kind of expertise and integrity in organizing schools trips. So, get in touch with your Travel Team consultant (at 800-245-8326) for your next school sports trip, and leverage our advantage in making this trip successful and memorable.