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School Sports Trip

by Dan Noyes

Sports are perhaps, the best way for students to experience and mingle with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Although parents are as enthusiastic as their wards, it is a serious organizational problem for the school. Taking children on school sports trip is a responsible business and no one wants to take a chance, what with a whole lot of people involved. It follows, that only an experienced professional tour managing company can efficiently carry out the co-ordination and impart expert advices to avoid disappointments and dangers.

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Soccer is played by young and old because it’s fun,


easy to play, promotes health and fitness and it’s very affordable. A ball is about all you need to start enjoying soccer the world’s most popular sport! A ball and a wall will get you kicking, passing and receiving.

Ice Hockey is one of the most popular winter sports in Canada!


And you don't have to skate like the wind or stick handle like Wayne Gretzky to have fun playing hockey. It can be played at many different skill levels from the beginner to the professional ...

Swimming is a sport everyone can enjoy boys, girls,


adults and even babies. It’s also one of the best ways to exercise ever! Swimming helps build the muscles in your upper back, shoulders, arms and chest. It also stretches your muscles and helps improve posture.

Anybody can play lacrosse boys or girls, big or small.


The game requires agility and coordination, not size. Lacrosse is fast paced and action packed. It’s a great team sport with a focus on individual skills. There’s lots of running, quick stops and starts, dekes and dodges.

Gymnastics is fun. And it's one of the best activities around for


contributing to a person's overall development. Flexibility, strength and coordination grow in leaps and bounds. So does confidence, creativity, and self-esteem. And with disciplines as diverse as artistic gymnastics, rhythmic