Why Soft Spikes Are Hot and Metal Spikes Not

Who Needs Golf Spikes?.Golf spikes are found on the bottom of the players shoes. They are mainly used to help keep the player stable during their golf swing. They also aid in the prevention of slipping or moving during the swing. They also help the golfer get a good grip in the turf, gravel, or sand.Originally the spikes on the players shoes where made of steel or other metal materials that were very strong and durable.

Typically there are between 8 and 12 spikes on each shoe depending on the different manufactures. The spikes are positioned in set out patterns on the soles of the golf shoes to encourage traction.Recently metal spikes were changed to what is known as soft spikes. These new spikes are made from highly durable types of plastic that have a number of smaller spikes instead of one big one.

Why the Change?.First of all, the metal spikes are longer than the soft plastic spikes and therefore dig deeper into the turf. This caused problems on the greens because they became very chewed or torn up each day. This wasn't fair to the other players who had to put on them as they became very bumpy and uneven.The soft spikes are very flexible and dig as deep into the turf.

They have a bunch of smaller spikes instead of one big spike. This improved the greens considerably making a flatter and truer putting surface.It also became evident that soft spikes were more comfortable to wear on your feet because they were flexible and would bend as you walked. They also disperse the traction more evenly throughout the sole.

Golfers also found that the players didn't slide as much when they walked on the cart paths, in the clubhouses and in the parking lots. This has prevented a lot of unneeded injuries.Now in 2005 almost all golf courses require that players wear only soft spikes when they play. That became why soft spikes are in and metal spikes have been faded out.

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By: John Bolt


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Why Soft Spikes Are Hot and Metal Spikes Not - Who Needs Golf Spikes?.