Zvonimir Vukic Signs for Portsmouth

Portsmouth chairman Milan Mandaric (Milan Mandarić) has just added one more Serb beside Dejan Stefanovic (Dejan Stefanović) to his club's line up. The word is about the attacking midfielder and Serbo-Montenegrin international Zvonimir Vukic (Zvonimir Vukić) who hoped for a move out of Shakhtar Donetsk during the entire summer now, and frankly he couldn't have wished for a better league to continue his career in than the English Premier League."Vukic is a great player, a member of Serbo-Montenegrin national team and beside someone who can improve our offensive line and even score goals, overall he will be of a great use to us," agreed both Mandaric and Pompey's chief executive Peter Storie.All we can add to their words is that Vukic plays mostly behind the strikers is gifted with fine technical capabilities, and can dribble past one or two players when needed. On many occasions he can remind you on Zinedine Zidane, by the way he serves his teammates with the balls in the most impossible situations.The 26 year old made his name in Partizan Beograd in whose ranks he came from Atletico Madrid and has played 80 matches in three seasons until 2003 and scored 43 goals, 22 in his final year when he also made 30 appearances.

But in 2003 he left for Ukraine where he signed a five years long deal with Shakhtar Donetsk. In the line up of that Ukrainian team he played only one season at his level, that was the fist in which he scored 10 times in 27 league matches while in 2004/05 he was on the pitch 26 times but only in 18 he was a starter, and didn't score any goal. His "benching" was the consequence of his "misunderstanding" with the management because he wanted to move to some Western European club, and now he finally done it.Still, during his "misfortunes" in Ukraine Vukic was never forgotten by the national team and from February 2003 he led the Blues on 19 occasions and scored five goals. For that time he earned the title of the Blues playmaker and is recognized as one of the crucial players for the future.

By the looks of Portsmouth link and the players in it, there's no doubt that Vukic will be the best midfield player they got in no time.www.jadransport.org.


Damir Jovanovic, http://www.jadransport.org.

By: Damir Jovanovic


Zvonimir Vukic Signs for Portsmouth - Portsmouth chairman Milan Mandaric (Milan Mandarić) has just added one more Serb beside Dejan Stefanovic (Dejan Stefanović) to his club?s line up.

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