Best Snorkeling Destinations

Snorkeling is a universal sport and is enjoyed wherever there is clear still water abundant in marine flora and fauna. Some maritime tourist spots have become fan favorites, such as the beaches of the Hawaii Islands, the Caribbean, Florida and California.The entire Great Barrier Reef in Australia is a snorkeler's heaven.

Even the coasts of tropical countries like Brazil, Argentina and Mauritius are known as snorkeling hotspots.All six Hawaiian Islands are popular snorkeling destinations. People throng here, especially from May to September to look for rare Hawaiian turtles and to observe the exquisite coral. The waters of Hawaii are crystal blue and the tropical sun promotes plankton that attracts a variety of exotic tropical fish. Hawaii also provides kayak rides to reach snorkeling destinations. The Waikiki coastline, the Hanauma bay and the Molokoni Crater Natural Preserve are the most popular snorkeling attractions in Hawaii.

Among the Caribbean Islands, the Virgin Islands are the most popular. Other famous locales are Mexico, Antigua, Tobago, Cayman Islands, Curacao Islands, Bonaire Marine Park, etc. These locations are famous for their multicolored tropical fish and beautiful specimens of coral such as elk horn and brain coral. Cayman Islands are claimed by many snorkelers to be the best destination for underwater sightseeing. The Curacao Underwater Marine Park provides a 12-mile coastline abundant in various coral and even turtles. This Marine Park also has sunken ships with rainbow colored fishes swimming in them.

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia is the world's most spectacular aggregation of coral. It boasts of certain collections of coral that are as huge as houses. It also offers other unique sights such as whale migration and huge cod fish along its 1430 mile-long coastline.The island of Mauritius off Madagascar is a grand way to discover marine life in the Indian Ocean. The lagoon located near Grand Baie in Mauritius is an excellent spot for snorkeling.Snorkeling destinations are spread all over the world and every destination has different species of fish, typical to their climate.

No two snorkeling spots will have the same variety of marine life.

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By: Max Bellamy


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