Darren Daulton Enters the Matrix Darren says Champ Summersentered my body

Has anybody read the SI interview Franz Lidz conducted with Darren Daulton? The written piece is where the sports world has arrived. I finished reading this article thinking Dutchie was more than likely a part of the Matrix. What in the world is that guy thinking? Maybe the side effects of steroids altered his mind as opposed to the physical attributes of his body. Could it be the rumored alcohol and drug problems Darren has survived in the past 10 years or so? Should the name "Lenny Dykstra" even factor into this equation? Whatever it may be, Darren Daulton has been on or recently experienced one strange trip. Luckily for all of us, the reality television show will more than likely air shortly after the "T.

O." show on the Fox Network. The media works in strange ways. On the same day pitchers and catchers reported, SI releases "The Dutchie Experience." Coincidence Daulton was a big league catcher? No, not really. However, if you ask Daulton, he may tell you that the timing of the article being released had been realigned with Saturn, but only after the rings spun around the planet two more times then usual.

As if the Phillies don't have enough problems in this town, players on the current roster who know anything about Darren Daulton will now be asked questions concerning the former Philadelphia Phillie and Florida Marlin. Unfortunately for Barry Bonds, this story will not out live the steroid talk that will surround his season and magnify as he moves closer to eclipsing Hank Aaron's home run record. Conspiracy theories are as common as peanut butter and jelly in America these days. Maybe this story broke only because the Sixers and Flyers are on Spring Break for the next week, or the Moon could be orbiting the Earth at an accelerated pace.

Regardless of what we choose to believe, Darren Daulton has preached his beliefs and let it all hang out, much like Johnny Weir has. Now that Johnny Weir is a fifth place finisher at the Olympics, it is likely we will not see Via Sikahema shopping at Prada with him any time soon, again. Hey Via, could you stop by Darren's house in Tampa, Florida and go on a spiritual shopping spree? Maybe you guys could stop and shop the Fifth Dimension? All I can say is thank you Darren for giving the fans of Philadelphia something to talk about this weekend. In honor of your illustrious career in Philadelphia, every Phillies fan within the borders of the Fourth Dimension will wear your jersey with pride. On another note, here is something to smile about. Picture Ed Wade, Charlie Manuel, and Darren Daulton all in the same room with a 30-pack of Coors Lite.

Now that could most definitely inspire some creative thinking and rouse great conversation. .

By: Phil Reggio


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