Face the Wake and Keep your Weight on the Balls of your Feet

If you are an avid water skier, one of the scariest things to try is slalom. The slalom skier has to cross what seems like a huge mound of water behind the boat, which is commonly referred to as the wake. Bumps are a part of water skiing and having a smooth comfortable ride is sometimes difficult to achieve. In order to be successful as a slalom skier you must learn to tackle the wake head on. If you are learning to slalom, or attempting a slalom run, a few helpful techniques to get you safely across the wakes may be in order.

Since Power boats come in many shapes and sizes, make sure your towing boat has lots of power, as inadequate power can make slalom difficult. Even rigid zodiac boats can tow slalom skiers if they are adequately powered!.The key in this sport is balance! The way to achieve balance is to make sure your body weight is evenly distributed on your ski. You know you have reached the right balance when you can comfortably remain in the same position for an extended period of time. When your body weight is supported on the inside balls of your feet, this can be a good position, and it helps to keep your knees slightly bent and together.

Always point the skis and your body toward the direction you want to go and face the wake head on. When approaching a wake, try to force your lower body and ski through with both feet first. Keep your weight on the balls of your feet and not on your heels. Even though you put your feet first, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to lean back with your upper body.

This technique will come more as you practice, and your ultimate goal is to have your ski go through the water on its edge. With more practice, you will be able to cut through the wake at sharper angles and faster speeds. Remember that your skis will go through the water much faster on their edges rather than flat. Take it slow in the beginning and as your confidence level increases, your ability to tackle the waves will also get better. A good ski boat or even power boats such as a bow rider make excellent towboats.

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By: Terry Price


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