Home Sweepstake

Planning on renovating your home or buying new furniture? Before you spend thousands of dollars, try your luck at "home" sweepstakes. Home sweepstakes give you the opportunity to win complete home renovations, rooms of furniture, artwork worth millions and a host of other accessories and products for your home. In simple words you have the opportunity to win what you desire to make your home look beautiful.One sweepstakes in the US and Canada asks participants to describe their "most uncomfortable" home in 200 words, and why it needs a makeover. Along with the essay, participants must submit photographs best depicting their ""uncomfortable"" home. The prize was a whooping $60,000, complete home makeover - a new look for your home absolutely free.

There are also sweepstakes that call for your favorite recipes, favorite "boyfriends" stories, and any other contribution that involves your creative participation. Once you get involved with something actively, you have pscyhologically committed a part of yourself to it. The ads that the websites post as banners or pop-ups will now be mor elikely to be visited by you, which is how the sweeps get their funding in the first place. But there may be no obligation at all, so give 'er a whilrl. You enter by fulfilling the theme in writing and wait to see if you are the lucky winner. Again, prizes will be identified as products for your home, so watch for "home" sweepstakes when you're looking to play.

What better way then free to fix up your home?.

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By: Max Bellamy


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