Imprinted Basketballs

Imprinted basketballs are a great idea for promos, fund raising, and corporate events. They are popular as souvenirs and mementos, and even customized gifts.Imprinted basketballs are retailed by many websites.

Imprinted basketballs are almost always available in bulk, since corporate and promotional companies order them for distribution at various events. Extra-Mile.com, for example, retails imprinted synthetic leather and rubber basketballs, which can be purchased wholesale. In fact, purchasing wholesale custom imprinted basketballs is very cost effective. For example, at ArmuProducts.

com, you can purchase a single ball for $9, but on purchasing minimum 50 mini basketballs, the price for each ball comes down to $2 each. The imprinting charges are extra, and vary depending on the logo or design imprinted, and the number of colors used in imprinting. At ArmuProducts, imprinting costs $40 per color (for a set of balls). The colors are orange, red, blue, white, green and yellow. Of these, only two colors may be selected.

Ink color matching costs more. Also, back and white, or color artwork imprinting service is available, and charges vary depending on the complexity of the design.ArmuProducts.com is one of the best firms retailing imprinted basketballs, since it deals almost exclusively in imprinting and customizing sports goods.

You can choose from materials like rubber and foam, which are inexpensive at $5 each for 100 balls, or leather basketballs at $15 each for 50 balls. Mini basketballs which glow in the dark are available for $8.50 each.Another website retailing unconventional basketball souvenirs is AceNovelty.com.

At AceNovelty.com, a 14 inch inflatable basketball is imprinted at a cost of $3 each for 50 basketballs.Imprinting basketballs adds a special touch to the ball, and they make great gifts for basketball fans.

They are distributed to participants at events and gatherings as mementos, and they boost the sales of a product when handed out at promotional events. And the cost effectiveness of imprinting makes customized basketballs a very viable option for these purposes.


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By: Eddie Tobey


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