Problems With Organized Sports

Organized sports are everywhere and are an integral part of a person`s belonging. No matter what age, gender, or racial group you are classified as, you can almost always find a sports league to join. Organized sports are important because they make a person feel more confident but just like in anything else, there are problems associated with them.

Most of us athletes know how boring sitting on the bench is. You feel that all your hard work at practice was in vain and feel that you have to "suck up" to the coach just to be able to play. Most of these kids get heartbroked, depressed, and feel useless as their dream of becoming the next Babe Ruth or Michael Jordan goes down the drain. Hours upon hours of practice and hard work to just sit there and watch your teammates play is one of the worst feeling a person could have.Playing everyone would be simple solution but it`s not that easy.

Most high school and higher level organizations focus on winning as its prime importance and coaches don`t want to take the risk of losing for the sake of playing everyone. The kids who keep playing, even though they don`t get as much playing times as the rest of the team, have the biggest hearts of anybody out there. They just want to be a part of the team and won`t quit for anything. But when the game that is supposed to be fun turns into something that feels more like a job, then maybe these people should turn to the sport of bodybuilding.When you work towars achieving a fitness goal , your confidence levels rise while trying to achieve. You will do better at work or school, become more social, and have the attitude that anything is possible.

In bodybuilding, there is no "team" about it. You are the only one responsible for the results you get and if you mess up, no one gets hurt except for yourself. Doing a posedown in front of thousands of people is a greater feeling than any accomplishment you can receive on an organized sports team.I`m not telling you to quit the sports you`re currently playing.

If you are passionate about whatever sport you play and love playing no matter the circumstances, then stick with it and never give up. Michael Jordan was cut from his varsity basketball team when he was in the tenth grade and went on to become the greatest basketball player to ever play the game. You have to have the wisdom to determine if the sport you`re playing is going to make your life better. If it`s dragging you down, then maybe you should try something else. LATER.

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By: Zach Bashore


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