Super Bowl Football Celebration Decorating Ideas

A SUPER Super Bowl party, needs a couple of great Super Bowl decorating ideas to WOW the football fans. As the end of January comes to an end and the Super Bowl grows closer, we make sure to establish a place where we are going to spend our Sunday watching the big game. If the established house is yours, take time too create an atmosphere that any football loving person would be proud to watch the big game at.Decorate your party with the colors of the teams who are playing in the Super Bowl. Decorate a buffet table by painting white ten yard lines on a plastic green tablecloth plus constructing goal posts at either end of the table to resemble a real football field. Use football shaped confetti to sprinkle over the top of the table.

Football shaped light up ice cubes for your drinks in a variety of colors are a festive idea. Look for football shaped bowls or bowls in the shape of a helmet for all of your snacks. Use banners, posters and pennants for wall decorations. If you want you can make your own Super Bowl pennants, cut triangles of the teams colors out of paper or felt.

Loop paper chains around the room. Cut strips of the team's colors out of paper. Glue the strips into circles one on the other. Alternate the colors in a pattern.

Another fun and easy to make wall decoration is little jerseys. Cut shirt shapes out of felt or paper. Glue small numbers to the jerseys and attach them to string to hang around the room. For a cute affect use clothes pins to attach the jerseys to the string.

Football fans will feel like they are at the game with all of the personal touches you put into your Super Bowl party.

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By: Gail Leino


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