The Miami Heat is Full of BullShaq

I can't stand when certain players in professional sports feel that they are greater then their sport. Currently the Miami Heat is playing horrible basketball in the NBA finals and their aging star is greatly to blame for their lackluster performances.The Miami Heat is full of BullShaq. While Shaquille O'Neal is playing stinkball his Miami Heat is faltering. They are now down two games to none.

As far as Shaquille "BullShaq" O'Neal is concerned his behavior after his last game was despicable. BullShaq scored a career low 5 points in an NBA final series game. He refused to address the media and was fined by the NBA.Mr. O'Neal fails to realize that it's the fan in the stands that is ultimately responsible for his fortune.

Without the fan, BullShaq would be nothing.Mr. O'Neal owes an apology to the media that covers him and the NBA fan that attends his games. Right now Shaq should bow down to his fans.

He is playing atrocious basketball and the fans deserve much better.At the very least, he should address the media and his fans with class and dignity. I know that's a lot to ask from today's greedy and ill-mannered professional athlete.Most of us have had bad days at work and have had to face our bosses and fellow employees. Most of us approach this situation with tact and professionalism.I'm convinced that Mr.

O'Neal is void of the maturity and character that would lead him to treat the NBA fan with respect.I hope that Shaq can turn things around and make amends for his poor behavior but that would be like asking Ricky Williams to stop smoking marijuana.

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By: Anthony Bloch


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