Video Blog Knicks A Mess Marbury and Brown Feuding

So the New York Knicks have the worst record in the entire Nation Basketball Association. What else is new? The only true thing different is that Stephon Marbury has been playing "Larry Brown" basketball now. Well that's going to change according to Stephon "Starbury.

".Recently Starbury spoke out saying he is going to let loose and play the way he knows how. He thinks that following the path of a soon to be Hall Of Fame head coach is not the right direction. I have a simple question for Starbury, what have you ever won?.

The only thing I remember from Starbury's "winning" days is that running floater he hit against the Spurs in the playoffs. That was a great "clutch" shot, and probably his only great "clutch" shot. Starbury has never won a playoff series, Larry Brown has won rings?.

It has come to the point where Stephon Marbury needs to go. I do not care if we trade him away for nothing, his poor demeanor and cancerous personality is nothing but a detriment to the New York Knicks franchise. Once Stephon is taken out of the equation, and a Larry Brown point guard is brought in to replace him, the Knicks will finally start to flourish.

There is no reason why a solid point guard couldn't feed Curry and Frye all day.

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By: AJ Vaynerchuk


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